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MBA Workshop - 7th April 2017

MBA Workshop - 7th April 2017

  MBA Workshop - 7th April 2017   Businessmen and entrepreneurs present their own experience in fullutilisation of know-how as structural asset to internationalexpansion.Guests: Marco Dell’Osso (Futura Spa), Stefano Bortoletto (VP ClubTecnologia & Passione), Nicola Scimeca (YCOM SRL), PierpaoloVannucci(VANNUCCI & ASSOCIATI).The moderator Riccardo Paterni (Entrepreneur at Synergy Pathways)will lead the workshop through the presentation of the guests andintegrating with in depth moderated debate.The event will take place in Room N1, first floor, Polo Piagge at 10am.                    ...

Coming up- Business Game

30th June 2017

        On the 30th of June the Final Business Game will take place. As part of the MBA program our students will develop, working in a team with classmates, an entrepreneurial business plan. They will combine knowledge...